To contact, add your business to our listings, or connect with local service providers for your stay in Asunción, contact Lorena Laterra at:

lolaterra [at] hotmail dot com

or call her at:

+595 971 337807

She will be happy to speak with you! : )


Here are some testimonials of foreigners who have found service providers through our referrals:

From Augusto B. :

Lorena is my guardian angel in Paraguay. When I arrived, I knew little about Asuncion or life in Paraguay… Still, I thought I would just figure everything out on my own. Boy was I wrong! I didn’t realize it before I met her, but I would have been lost without Lorena…

She has introduced me to people both professionally and socially and helped me learn my way around the city whether it’s finding a place to eat or buy groceries or anything else… So if you’re new to Paraguay and need some help finding your way around, there’s no point in struggling trying to figure it all out alone. Contact Lorena. She’ll eliminate the headaches and hassles and make your stay so much easier.

From Ben S.:

Lorena knows how to find good, resourceful people and make them her friends. She is like the social Swiss Army knife of Asunción. Almost everyone I know in Paraguay I’ve met through Lorena, and I’ve enjoyed the company of every single one of them. If you are new to Asunción then call Lorena. You will not be disappointed.

From Seth O.:

Besides being a joy to work with, Lorena is a take charge person… She has successfully developed several connections for our project that have resulted in increased productivity.

From Dan and Stacy W.:

We have used Lorena for the past several trips for all our travel needs. Her attention to detail has made every task, tour and overall journey a positive, hassle free experience.