Kilkenny Irish Pub opened it’s doors April 25, 2007 after several years of meticulous planning. Inspired by Irish Pubs in Berlin, New York, and of course Dublin, the owners of Kilkenny desired to open the first Irish Pub in the city.

The pub has three different areas: a terraza near the street, the mezzanine level with tables and chair, and the “main room” which has the bar. In each area, one feels transported out of Paraguay and into Ireland.

The goal that the owners looked for in creating the pub was that upon entrance, the visitor would feel like they were in part of an Irish city, like Kilkenny, the pub’s namesake.

Almost all of the decor inside Kilkenny Irish Pub was brought from Irish pubs in Dublin and New York. The authentic Irish flare displayed– with all of the posters, antiques, figures, flags, and even the soccer jerseys– makes the vibe cozy, familiar, and warm.